Adress : Spain

Who will attend the Open European Championship?

Participants will be selected per country. Each country has its contact person who will register the participants. Visitors and participants for the “Open Self Defense Course” can register via the same contact person

Random Attacks?

Random Attacks are a form of competition in which the contestants don’t fight against each other but demonstrate their self defense skills on random attacks from their partner. The attacks are determined by the Referee. Random attacks is open for each participant of martial arts that use self defense techniques.

The combination of reaction time and the execution of a good and efficient technique decides the result of the contest. The contestant doesn’t know in advance which attack is coming. At a signal from the Referee the partner executes the attack that was chosen by the Referee a second beforehand and which is only known to the partner.

Random Attacks is a form of competition in which the contestants will sharpen their reaction time and demonstrate their skills and techniques within safe perimeters.