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On Saturday 25th april 2020 maybe you’re competing or watching your competitors do their stuff… Or maybe not.

In case you want, you can go to the traditional market, which is celebrated every Saturday on the village and it’s open air. You can see and buy – if you want to – some traditional products. You’ll be able also to taste a traditional dish, “callos”, served in many places around Vegadeo.

In the afternoon, you can take a walk on the Banks of the river Suarón and visit the town of Piantón, which is 2 kilometers away. In that town, you’ll be able to see an old Roman Bridge and visit the square of boulders, where you’ll see a lot of traditional buildings like San Esteban’s church, that preserves many ancient carvings made by local santeiros. When you finish your visit, you can come back to Vegadeo following the same path you took, and then you can continue to El Caleiro, where you’ll find the entrance to Vegadeo and a lovely walk near the river Eo – which gives the name to the town: Vegad-Eo.

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On Sunday 26th april 2020 we would like you to stay and enjoy the amazing things that awaits for you in this magical land and propose you the following tour.

Timing of the touristical tour

  • 11:00 – Visit to Cutlery Museum in Pardiñas
  • 11:30 – Visit to Dairy Eo-Leche in Pardiñas.
  • 12:45 – Workshop Cutlery Taramundi, in Taramundi.
    • Free time to visit the church, shops….
  • 14:00 – Lunch in Teixois
  • 16:00 – Tour around Teixois
  • 17:00 – Visit to Mazonovo.

Pricing of the touristical tour

24,- euros, including lunch.

*This price doesn’t includes the cost of the bus to go to all places. We will be able to do this activity if a mínimum of 20 PEOPLE make a reservation to the activity a month before. The last day to book the visit is 20th March (so we can send the final list to the responsibles in time).

Description of the touristical tour

We will go to TARAMUNDI, a Little town 18 kilometers far from Vegadeo and is the first place where Spain had a rural hotel more than 30 years ago. This place is also known for the traditional art of cutlary. Our bus will go at 10 AM and is free of charge.

Places to visit there:

Museum “Cuchillería tradicional de Taramundi” (Traditional cutlery of Taramundi). They’ll show you the way of life of a “navalleiro”, which was an artist and an artesan of cutlery: their workplaces, tools, how-to, history of cutlery and the biggest razor if the world :

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Quesería Eo-Leche (dairy). If you love cheese, you’ll love this. Here is where is made the cheese of Vegadeo in different ways: blue cheese, goat cheese, cow cheese and also cheese with walnuts. You’ll be able to see how they made all this great cheese and also taste them!

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After this two visits in the morning, you’ll be able to stop in the town and visits different places by your own, like the “castro”, an artesanal workshop of cutlery called “La Cuchillería de Taramundi” or buy some gift memories in the artesanal shops in Taramundi.

Teixois, this is how it’s called our next stop. It’s declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. It’s a set of hydraulic devices (mill, fulling mill, mallet…).

After the visit, we’ll have lunch here: some fabada, traditional meats, desserts, sidra and wine. Al lof this is – we could say – then most typical foods of this place. A must!

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Mazonovo is the next – and last – stop.
It’s the biggest museum of water mills in the world :

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